Subcontract Finishing Services

Our subcontract facility is equipped with state-of-the-art finishing machinery, such as High Energy and Vibratory machines. We provide speedy finishing solution, as well as a high quality finish on can parts of variable sizes and batch quantities.

Shot Blasting and Peening

Our comprehensive blasting service is used by customers from different industries to ensure that the part's surface is cleaned to the specification.

Precision Polishing and Inspection Services

In order to provide you with complete surface finishing solutions, we offer a precision polishing service for components from various industry sectors. Further to this stage our trained inspectors ensure every component is inspected to required specs

Equipment Refurbishment Service

We can overhaul your older equipment, bring it back to life and make it safer to use. To ensure our clients’ production does not suffer, we can offer exchange equipment rental or subcontract services.

Polyurethane Lining Service

We offer reline services on machines from different manufactures and we have in house capabilities to manufacture moulds to suit the requirements of our customers.

Spare Parts Service

We maintain a complete inventory of spare parts to ensure that you do not lose production time. We offer to install your spare parts or deliver it to your location.

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