ActOn Pre-tumbled Media is Guaranteed to Improve your Surface Finishing Process

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schedule7th Oct 21

In any surface finishing process, media selection is critical as consumables are an essential tool to enable you to achieve your desired results.


Whether you’re new to the mass finishing process or tweaking existing characteristics like workpieces or process timeframes, understanding how pre-tumbled media can improve your finishing process is key in achieving the surface finish you need for your parts.

What is pre-tumbled media?

Simply put, pre-tumbled media is the means to achieving the desired surface finishing. 

Certain media must be pre-tumbled in the finishing machine after being manufactured. The sharp edges of the media are broken and smooth edges are created during this stage of the manufacturing process. This prepares the media for finishing operations such as smoothing the part surface and polishing.

In contrast to abrasive media, which is ideal for heavy-duty tasks like deburring or grinding, pre-tumbled media ensures that parts are not scratched or damaged and that the final finish is smooth.

When is pre-tumbled media needed?

When you want your parts to have a smooth or polished appearance. Pre-tumbled media is generally used for finishing activities that require a very smooth surface finish with high-gloss polish.

In addition to the desired finish, the stage of the process may influence the need for pre-tumbled media. This is due to it being a necessity for new processes when you need to reload your vibratory finishing equipment with a new batch of media.

The only exception to this is if you’re only adding a new batch of media to an existing batch, which is already pre-tumbled. At this stage, there’s no need to pre-tumble it because it will wear out throughout the finishing process.

How to pre-tumbled media?

Pre-tumbled media is obtained by placing it in a vibratory finishing machine and running it with a solution of water and compound for a few hours. However, before pre-tumbling the media, we always recommend running tests to determine the best parameters for your processes, such as the media, compound, water, and finishing process length for example.

Our team of professionals at ActOn Finishing will always conduct tests to assist you in selecting the appropriate media for your components.

How does pre-tumbled media improve the finishing process?

Pre-tumbled media has several advantages in the finishing process, including improving the surface final finish, and avoiding any scratches and damages that might appear on the component’s surface. Moreover you will enjoy consistent results and there will be no need to rework high part rejects.

If your finishing procedure requires pre-tumbled media, we can provide you with this service, allowing you to save time and concentrate solely on the finishing procedure.


We hope this article has given you a deeper understanding of pre-tumbled media and how this can benefit your finishing process. If you would like to discover more or have any related queries, then get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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