ActOn Finishing Announces Partnership with Finishtech in France

By ActOn Finishing Ltd
schedule23rd Sep 21

ActOn has been redefining surface finishing in the UK since 1965 providing customers with the most optimum and advanced finishing solutions.

After establishing itself within the UK market as surface finishing leader, we are happy to announce that ActOn is expanding into the French market by partnering with Finishtech, a mass finishing specialist in France.

In pursuit of its vision to be recognized in international markets as a leading manufacturer and complete surface finishing solutions provider, ActOn Finishing has partnered with Finishtech to provide ActOn’s expertise within the European Market.

Our partner Finishtech has successfully represented ActOn in the French market for the past three years leading to successful installations of a range of machinery and the adoption of ActOn consumables across industries such as Automotive, General Engineering and the Luxury market.


ActOn Vibratory Bowl - Best-Selling Machine in France

One of our best-selling machines in the French market is the vibratory bowl. Our customers value this machine both for its simplicity as well as its efficiency. We manufacture vibratory finishing bowls in classic designs and sizes to meet a wide range of applications such as deburring, descaling, radiusing, parts’ cleaning, polishing, burnishing and surface improvement.

Some of our other finishing technology that has been well received by the French market includes:

  • the ActOn wheel polisher
  • our centrifugal high energy machine
  • the disc finishing machine
  • ActOn shot blasting equipment
  • ceramic media and compound.


A Shared Satisfaction and Trust Between ActOn Finishing and Finishtech


"We are very pleased with this partnership, which has rapidly led to a great success. Our collaboration has allowed for technical and professional enrichment due amongst others to the numerous deals we have been able to seal together. The quality and efficiency of ActOn Finishing’s products were quickly recognized and adopted by French customers, who have the reputation for being picky and demanding. This cooperation will strengthen our business development year after year which will certainly be even more successful in the years to come. A success that will eventually undoubtedly lead us to the European leadership.” (Younesse Mazouj – Finishtech’s director)


To find out further information about the finishing technology we offer in France, please click here. If you are looking to speak to one of our French technical reps, please call or send an email to [email protected].

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